Guardian Down Cast

Episode 13: “The Meatless Taco” featuring Zanifan711

October 21, 2019

In this week's episode, we interview the co-host of Barely ADS podcast and an overall awesome dude...Zanifan711.  We discover Zan's life and gaming history and discuss what's it's like to be the older brother back in the day, living the "meatless" life and how to play disc golf...join Gatr, Easy and Hazel as we also discuss the past weeks' gaming and entertainment and give our first impressions of the Season of the Undying Iron Banner.  We also answer Twitter and Discord questions from our community and add 2 songs each to our Guardian Down Cast Spotify Playlist.  You can reach us via email at and Tweet us @Guardian_D_Cast or join our Discord Server...don't forget the bonus outtakes after the ending music!!


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